About Jambo

Jambo ‘Dragon’ Truong is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who facilitates sessions that are both educational and self-developing.

He is a Forrest Yoga Guardian and senior teacher and has been trained by living legend and creatrix of the international yoga scene Ana Forrest. He has a degree in Complementary Medicine with a special interest in diagnostic techniques.

Jambo spent the first part of his career working with addiction, sexual health, chronic pain and trauma, where he applied concepts from traditional east Asian and ayurvedic medicine as a symptom management specialist.

Jambo has trained thousands of yoga teachers and bodyworkers around the globe and online, and is experienced in creating interactive and engaging online training. Jambo is passionate about sharing his understandings of how to remediate compensation patterns and developmental physiology issues. 

There is an emphasis on bringing ceremony and meditation to all of his sessions: Jambo believes that you can not teach anatomy without recognising that we are all spiritual beings. His teaching is also characterised by deep compassion and irreverant humour.

You can learn more about Jambo – and see his full international touring schedule – at www.jambodragon.com